We’re all about the ride

A bit about us

El CA Express is an intercity bus line focused on integrating the best in hospitality with the best in transportation.

What’s the best in transportation? Buses. We believe a modern, traveler-centric bus service strikes the perfect balance between comfort, convenience & safety. Not to mention it’s also environmentally friendly. Buses are still considered the greenest vehicles due to their high passenger capacity, they’re also considered the safest mode of transportation.

And the best in hospitality? World-class service and Central American hospitality. We believe traveling by bus should be enjoyable; and it can be. That’s why we set out to provide high-quality, stress-free, bus rides between the most vibrant cities in Central America beginning with non-stop services between Guatemala City (La Aurora Airport) and Antigua Guatemala.

We want to share the joy of bus-riding and all the beauty our region has to offer with more people from all over the world. Vibrant nature. Ancestral cultures. Mesmerizing food and drinks. The warmth of Central American hospitality.

Lot’s to see, lot’s to explore. We’ll get you there. By bus. With all of the adventure, and none of the hassle. That’s our mission.


Comfortable Seats

Enjoy the ride on our fully reclinable seats


Wi-Fi & Power Outlets

Enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi during your ride.



Want to be more productive?
Don’t let traffic stop you. Sit in one of our workspace areas to work more comfortably.



Let us take care of you. Lay back and have a drink; or a snack.


Timely Departures & Arrivals

Our city-to-city model allows us to provide you with a smoother service and to guarantee punctuality.